Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First bento of the year

Hello again!

Little did I realize that I have entered my last year as an undergraduate. And I have been in college only for 2 years. Sometimes I wish I could graduate normally like others, but tuition is expensive. Why not graduate in 3 years when I can do that?

That being said, my schedule this semester has been very hectic because at least three out of seven courses I am taking right now only exist in Fall semester. Which is to say that once I miss those classes right now, I will have to add another year of expensive tuition and housing and living fees.

Taking 23 credit hours (the normal limit is 18) is more painful than I thought it would be, considering that I'm taking one graduate level course, three 400/senior-level courses, one 300 level course, one 200 level course and only one 100 level class (which apparently takes a lot of my time because most 100 level courses have tons of homework even though they're not that hard).

And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have classes starting at 9:30 all the way till 3:20. Six hours with no break. On the first week, I thought my brain got burnt. The moment I came back to my apartment I just collapsed on my bed, unable to think about anything.


Here's my first bento of the (academic) year. School starts in August, ending in May, so, yes, this is going to be my first bento of the year.

Very simple. Rice seasoned with basil, thyme, salt, mirin, and rice vinegar compacted into squares and a big heart shape. The heart shaped rice actually has a piece of lime and clove seasoned pork chop inside. Simple decoration this time: sliced cheese and nori for the rice, cup cake papers for the rest.

The bottom compartment is the dessert compartment. So it's whole wheat bread decorated with Nutella spread, sandwiching sliced cheese and nutella in between. With a couple of Lorna Doone crackers.

The reason why most of the stuffs here are bite-sized is because as I told you earlier I have no breaks on Tuesday and Thursday. So it has to be something that is easy to eat within 5 minute break in between my classes.

Okay, bento time is over. Time to get a grip on my mind and start doing my homework >.<


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