Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me, the picky eater and the bad essay writer

The reason why I hate baking is that it's not as flexible as cooking savory foods. Let's say, I hate sugar. But I can't bake without sugar because sugar affects the texture of the cake. I feel like I'm underestimating bakers, but I feel that cakes are just combination of sugar, fats, flour and some flavor. Of course, you add things to cakes such as baking soda, egg whites, egg yolks and all others which I may not know. One wrong move and your cake is destroyed.

I guess the biggest deciding factor why I'm not into baking is that I rarely ever say "WOW!" to any cakes I've eaten so far. They don't excite me. I mean, yeah, I like the madeleine they sell at Starbucks. I eat birthday cakes and they're fine. But they don't excite me.

The best baked things that could ever made me say "OMG I WANT MORE OF THIS!!" was a really soft and fluffy honey bread that has thin, golden, crispy layer on the outside that I ate 1 years ago. It was the most brilliant baked goods I've ever had in my life. When I ate it, my heart cried "this is what heavenly means!!".

To a certain degree, I am a picky eater. But I've lived long enough in a dorm with the kind of foods that were far from exciting. The money I had was my parents', and I don't deserve to eat out at fancy restaurant every day just because dorm food was so-so. Occasionally, I did try to find some good foods around the area, but they're never fancy foods. My parents allowed me to spend them on foods, but I felt really bad if I spent too much on them.

But then I realized how much food gets wasted every day. Picky people throw away foods they don't really like. It's not even poisonous or inedible. They just throw food away.

So many people are hungry, why are we throwing food away?

I have now become a picky eater who will only praise the really good stuffs but eats everything that I can eat. This makes me sound like a greedy cat that sweeps everything away from the table, but I just can't stand food getting wasted. Why. Why wouldn't people take leftovers home?

I think altruism can start from taking leftovers home and save them for the next meals. Like, I somehow can't stand people who talk about altruism and waste food at the same time. Sounds a little too hypocritical to me :(

See, this post is getting nowhere. But here's the message:


Finally, the message got across. Even though you're a picky eater, try to eat the food and don't throw away the food, you got me?

And uhh... sorry to all bakers out there. I know there are awesome bakers out there because I've had a really awesome bread before. Keep baking, and maybe someday when I eat your baked goods my heart will finally accepts them with love ♥


  1. iya, gw jg ngga tahan ngeliat makanan dibuang. :( kdg2 kalo makan di luar gtu, terus temen2 pada ngga abis makannya... kalo di rumah ya gw bs abising tp kalo di restoran kan malu jg x__x pikiran gw 'kalo ngga abis jgn rakus dong pesennya!!' T_T

    hunger is the no. 1 cause of death in the world! :(


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