Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Netherlands - Kwark Taart

During the introduction week, my mentor brought us to the supermarket and told us about Kwark Taart. It's something like mousse cake, but different. The other day, my friend mistakenly bought kwark taart instead of yogurt and she said she loved it. Last week I decided to try it out:

"Because a day without pudding is a day wasted."

After reading those words, I started to get confused. A pudding and a mousse cake have totally different textures. Well, the definition of "pudding" also differs by country as well, I suppose. A pudding in Indonesia is solid like agar, while a pudding in the US is like a viscous paste.

When you have an expectation towards a certain product in terms of texture, shape, or flavor, you tend to get confused or even disappointed at the product if it doesn't fit your expectation. Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't think much when buying a product on the shelf, but I can't help it. I'm nerdy, but I guess that's how I managed to have fun in class.

The actual product look like homogenous, dense foam, but when you eat it, it's actually pretty light. There are chunks of wet, soggy pie crust (or perhaps graham crackers) inside, but they don't provide much flavor or texture to the overall product. I felt like eating air as I ate the kwark taart. Strangely enough, I could only finish half of it and this was my only lunch.

Kwark taart has only 200 kcal per 100 g (and the normal size of a kwarktaart in the market is about 280g). I managed to stuff myself with only half of it although it wasn't the "right" feeling of satiety. It could be a good food to eat for someone who is on diet.


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