Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Netherlands - Raw Herring

Not sure if it's a traditional Dutch food but raw herring apparently is a delicacy in the Netherlands. My first raw herring experience was in Den Haag, close to the beach (it's always good to have fresh seafood near the beach area, right?)

I'm a big fan of sushi and sashimi, so I wasn't too scared to try this. In fact, I was looking forward to eating it. I put the herring on a piece of toasted bread, and then topped it with raw diced onions and pickled dills. To finish it, I squeezed a little bit of lemon juice on the raw herring.

It's more fishy than salmon or tuna sashimi, but I felt that the flesh was leaner (i.e. it wasn't slimy). I loved the texture, and it went really well with the crispy bread. I kind of wondered what happened to the bones. As I bit into the fish, I remembered seeing very thin, transparent needles that looked like fish bones, but I didn't get choked at all. I should have picked one of those "bones" and tried eating it on its own to find out, but I wasn't thinking about it. It was too delicious, I finished it very quickly.

The price was reasonable: about 5 euros for a plate with 4 herrings.

Will I eat it again? Yes!


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