Monday, February 4, 2013

Instant Noodle around the World 15 - Knorr Quick Lunch Spaghetti Carbonara

Technically, you would call spaghetti "pasta" and not "instant noodle", but considering that pasta is derived from Chinese noodle, you can still call spaghetti "noodle". So, instant spaghetti = instant noodle, no?

I found this Knorr Quick Lunch Spaghetti Carbonara from TESCO in Cork, Ireland.

The cooking instruction is pretty much the similar to that of general instant cup noodles. High in fats, so it definitely suits its name "Quick Lunch". I don't want to eat that much fats for dinner. Not when I'm not in shape.

Everything is premixed inside the cup. The spaghetti is a little thin - I'd call this spaghettini or angel hair pasta instead. But I guess it's hard to cook something as thick as spaghetti just with hot water even with modified stach.

I forgot to take a picture of it after it's cooked, but it looks decent. The sauce is smooth and creamy, with little pieces of bacon in it. The sauce coats the pasta pretty well. I'm not sure if the water I used is not hot enough, or I didn't stir enough, or I didn't wait long enough, but when I ate the top part, the spaghetti is still kind of crunchy. I kind of like it actually, even though if you have high standard for pasta like my Italian friend who also tried this, you will not like it. A person who eats pasta every day (and cook it in the correct way) will find this a turn-off.

I personally like it, considering the price and the convenience. I'd say great job to whoever invented this instant pasta concept. Oh, and the good thing is you don't have to microwave it. It's my first instant pasta that can be cooked with hot water :)


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