Friday, October 25, 2013

France - Nice

This post is not about how nice France is. Nice is a city in southern part of France, and if you want to know how it should be pronounced, visit my good friend Wikipedia. It's like the Miami of France.

We stayed at Promenade des Anglais (or the Promenade of the English), facing the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach was very beautiful. There was no sand, but smooth, round stones that seemed to be polished by nature. The weather was very beautiful when we visited; not too hot, not too cold. I could wear a T-shirt with short sleeves with no problem in mid-October, and this would be impossible in the Netherlands. At least for me.

We took a touristic train called Le Petit Train de Nice from Promenade de Anglais that lasts for about 45 minutes in a loop.

We explored a lot of the touristic sites of Nice. The train ride was smooth and there was an audio guide in 8 different languages. What we didn't expect was that the traffic in Nice was quite heavy in the afternoon. Sometimes, I felt like exploring Nice on foot might have been faster. But in the end, it wasn't that bad.

Palance of Justice

One of the advantages of riding the train is that you save the energy and the time climbing the Castle Hill. You have 10 minutes at the top of the hill before the touristic train leaves, and it might seem to be quite short, but actually we managed to take good photos and also buy souvenirs :)


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