Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Italy - Rome

Last summer I went to Rome with my mom, and using a tour agency was a horrendous idea. I didn't have the drive to write about it, so I stopped writing after I wrote about my terrible experience in Athens (not because of the city itself, but the poor itinerary planning from the tour agency).

Well, here's Rome, the capital of Italy, filled with remnants of past civilization and culture. 

The Colosseum is definitely a place worth visiting if you have not been there before. We didn't enter the Colosseum because when my flight to Rome was delayed thanks to the national strike. The Colosseum was closed by the time we reached there. Apparently, strikes are so common that they are officially announced in websites.

There was still one hour left before the Roman Forum was closed, so we decided to do some exploration. When I was here with my mom, the tour leader told us that there is nothing exciting about the Roman Forum. BIG FAT LIE. It's so fat that the scale is broken.

There are two entrances / exits to the Roman Forum, and on the other end, there is yet another old structure that I don't recognize.

Along this big street you'll also see some street artists. Apparently, "hanging in the air" by holding onto a pole is a new trend.

I always see them covered in black 'tent' before and after they were ready for their trick, so it's definitely not about concentration, but putting a sturdy, metal structure beneath their clothes. Otherwise, there is no such need for the secrecy.

I'm more interested in these carrot sculptures:

On the streets of Rome, you will also find gelato trucks like this. I wouldn't recommend getting gelato here because I think you can get better gelato from proper gelato shops. Especially when you have limited time in Italy.

We then headed to Trevi Fountain, and on the way, we found Chiesa Nuova. 

And then... for the famous Trevi Fountain!

The scenery is different during the day and after sunset (around 7 PM in early October). I prefer it during the day, though ;)


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