Sunday, March 2, 2014

UK - Sherlock Holmes Museum @ London

What can be better than visiting 221B Baker Street for Sherlock fans? Yes, the street actually exists in real life London.

Well, I'm actually not his biggest fan. I tried to read Sherlock Holmes when I was in secondary school and I gave up because it was too difficult to read when I was 12. I know about Sherlock Holmes from a manga called Detective Conan, and then the two movies with Robert Downey Jr., and then... the series on BBC. That series just got me hooked on Sherlock Holmes. 

By the way, I finally made use of Picasa photo editing service up on Google+. It's actually pretty handy. I thought it would take a lot of time to get them edited, but with good internet connection, there wasn't much problem. I think I'm going to keep editing the photos for the next blog posts!

Located exactly as it should located, 221B Baker Street (my brother was surprised that I could even remember the "B" in the address), the museum is technically where Sherlock Holmes lived (in the story). 

You have to first buy the entrance ticket in the museum shop. A pretty clever way to get you browse the shop, huh? But anyways, the shop has a cool setup.

I even tried the deerstalker hat. It's certainly a weird hat. And I tried holding the pipe, too!

The ticket costs  £8 for adults and  £5 for children.  The ticket is basically the pamphlet about the museum and about Sherlock Holmes, which is pretty nice. The queue might seem long, but it took about 30 minutes for a line with 25 people or so to get in. It's not too bad.

Oh, by the way, before you enter the museum, make sure you check the basement. There is a small, kind of hidden staircase in the shop. I'm the curious type of person, so I checked everything around before I leave the shop. It's a habit I got from playing RPGs too much when I was young. But anyways, just ask where the restroom is. This 'secret' basement is basically next to the restroom, but you can't enter this room. You can only see it from the window. I'm not even sure if anyone can enter this room.

Anyways, we headed inside. The house was kind of old, so you'll hear the floor board squeaking every step you make. But the setting was just gorgeous.

And somehow this painting caught my eyes. I was like, "Hey, isn't this the Netherlands?!"

Just because I live in the Netherlands. LOL. But anyways, I had fun checking out the first two floors of the museum, until I went to the next floor and entered the first room next to the stairs (ah, I spoiled the fun for you!)

Dammit, that was scary as hell!!

I didn't expect it and somehow it looked kind of real. But once you realized that it was a doll.. it wasn't as scary as I thought it was.

You will see "re-enactment" of some murder cases around the house. You can even see a 3-D portrayal of Sherlock and Watson.

One of the best thing about my visit was the view from Sherlock's bedroom. It's a good place to observe people and the street below. 

And there are just other things to explore in the museum, depending on how curious you are. I clearly don't have a lot of knowledge on the kind of details I should be paying attention to because I haven't read the book yet, but there are just many things that make you interested because either you're not born yet when they had / use these things, or they're just weird. They're Sherlock's; it's supposed to be not surprising to have some weird items around the house.

If you like stories of Sherlock Holmes, definitely pay a visit to this museum :)


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