Friday, September 16, 2016

Singapore - Company of Cats - Chinatown

You might have seen my previous post on Neko no Niwa. Being rather adventurous, I explored another cat cafe with my cat-loving friends. I just love cat paws. They're so squishy and being hugged by a cat is just... such a bliss ^3^ ~♪

This pretty ragdoll (if I get the breed correctly) is a resident of The Company of Cats in Chinatown.

We went on Wednesday after work, since there is a 50% off on the 2nd entrance fee.

Again, the place is kind of hidden - look out for the signboard and the floating umbrellas - if you like cats, you can't really miss it :)

There are sofas with toys and plushies lying around in the room (Neko Atsume fans, do you recognize Tubbs?)

*insert Jaw BGM here*

Compared to Neko no Niwa, somehow I feel that the cats are more willing to interact with you.

And no, we didn't kiss. Because I just ate a bowl of cold soumen with sausages, nori and sesame sauce ($8). By the way, in case you are hungry, you can order food at the Company of Cats. You can even bring the food inside the room of cats - somehow the cats didn't try to steal my food! I'm impressed :)

If you're scared that the cats may steal your food, there is also an option of eating the food outside the cat room - there is a small dining table just outside the room. I, however, prefer to eat as I enjoy the company of cats (what a pun!). You can check out their menu on their website.

Overall the cats are very well groomed. This cat, Belle, has one of the fluffiest and the softest fur I've ever touched!

I've been here twice, and so far I've been enjoying my visits to the Company of Cats :)

Company of Cats
6B Mosque Street
Singapore 059486
Phone: +65 6220 3835

Opening hours:
- Tue - Fri 12pm - 10pm
- Sat - Sun 11am - 10pm
- Closed on Mondays

Entrance Fees
Normal rate: $14/hour
$5 per subsequent 30 minutes
Tues-Friday 12pm-4pm special rate: $10 for the first hour

Reservations by phone are recommended.


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