Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dean's List

Well... I'm in the Dean's List, meaning that I was in top 20% of my college.

Which adds up to my satisfaction level, at least for now :) Even though there may be a lot of other people getting this award, it reassures me that I had done a good job last semester.

I had fun with today's raw food processing lab. I was making a tomato sauce out of fresh tomatoes. I didn't imagine that a bagful of tomatoes gives only less than 1/8 of a jar. The smell of raw tomatoes reminded me again of my failed attempt to make a spaghetti sauce out of fresh tomatoes. Now I get it - I just need to be more patient the next time I make the sauce. I was going on the right direction.

I've finally gotten a driver's license. It doesn't really mean that I'll be going out more frequently. It just means that I'm pretty much saved from depending on other people on groceries next semester. Haha. well, you know me. I don't really like bothering people with my daily business.

The food lab (FSHN 131) is getting more and more interesting. Last week's lab was pretty fun - we "experimented" with sauce-making. Tomorrow's lab is going to be a pasta lab. I can't wait for it!


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