Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hate to think that I'm lagging behind the schedule. Unexpected things happened, and I'm back at the apartment at 2 am. My lab report materials are still messily scattered on the table, welcoming me, as if it's crying "Finish me up!". And I softly whispered back, "No, honey. See you later."

Really. If you tell me to wake up at 7 in the morning again, I don't know if I can ever wake up. Give me a break... This week's been tiring. I know some people sleep less than me, and they may even have more stuffs to do than me. But they've been in college for longer time than me. It's just like how I used to squeeze my brain really hard to multiply 2 by 2, and now it's just a piece of cake. The same concept applies. No matter how they phrase their opinions on how simple my tasks actually are, they are no simple matter to me.

I'd probably share the same opinion 1-2 years later.

I can't really say I wasted my time, but when my planned schedule's been changed, I became somehow uneasy. I'm scared that I won't have enough time to do what I'm supposed to do.

It's a miracle to see how people can actually have fun on Fridays. I'd get most of the things done on Friday night so I can have a long, peaceful sleep on Saturday. I get the feeling that people see me as a total nerd, when in fact I spend just as much time playing as they do. It's just that the order is different: I do my works first before I play.

And now that my schedule's been put into a haphazard state, I lost my chance to draw a Valentine's Day card to post at DeviantArt. I had so many ideas running in my head, but... time isn't really kind to me.

I guess I'll get some sleep after finishing the 2nd page of the lab report.


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