Monday, July 6, 2009


Last December I went to Japan on transit. Since I didn't dare to go as far as taking train to Shibuya or somewhere else, I went to Aeon Mall to kill time.

That was JUSCO, Japan's hypermart. It was a really really really good decision to land there :) I found lots of DISSIDIA potions!

Thanks to the new rules of not allowing liquids brought from outside into the airplane, I had to dig a hole in my stomach to finish 4 cans of the potions before entering Japan's immigration. Yup. Just for the sake of bringing them home.

So... how does the potion taste like?

As you probably know, there are two types of cans: Cosmos (the white cans) and Chaos (the black cans). Cosmos cans contain something like lemonade, while Chaos cans contain carbonated grape juice. I personally like Chaos ones better, since the Cosmos ones taste a little bland to me.

I managed to take a photo of what's inside the Chaos can. It should look a little more purplish than the one shown in the photo above.

For something that costs 198 yen, it's a rather expensive can of soda. As far as I remember, a normal can of soda costs only 98 yen. Thus, 198 yen is more than double of a normal soda can. What's obvious here is that any retarded Final Fantasy fans (like me) would buy it even though it's pretty expensive, just because the can has pictures of DISSIDIA characters.

But I think it's okay to spend a little more money to have a little more fun :P


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