Friday, July 24, 2009

Firefox vs IE

I know, it's a boring old topic.

I'm bringing this up because I was somehow reminded of the problems with my HTML designs. I took a look at my private blog with interactive sushi design today. It doesn't look like it should in Firefox - everything became aligned to the left, even though I set it to the center. It looks perfectly normal in IE, though. As the designer, I feel very unsatisfied with this, although I tried my best to overlook it.

But after using Firefox for a year, I grew liking to it. I like customizable things better. Firefox add-ons are the most favorite features to me. I like the new Persona, which allows you to set a theme to the browser. IE... Well, certainly, it can be customized, but it's not as pretty and as easy as Firefox. Honestly, IE 8 looks boring to me.

In addition to that, downloading is more organized in Firefox. I like the idea where Firefox organized all the downloaded contents into one window, in contrast to IE, which causes tons of windows to appear as you download (well, they're not tons - I'm exaggerating it).

As far as safety is concerned, I'm not too sure which one is safer. My laptop was attacked by 14 malicious trojan worms before it crashed, and that happened when I was using Firefox.

So, Firefox vs IE? My choice is Firefox.


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