Wednesday, July 15, 2009


History is never my forte, and yet I have to take history courses due to my school's requirement.

I don't hate history - it's part of us. What we own today is what resulted from the happenings in the past. I personally find it interesting to know the origins of many things.

What I find it difficult is that history is 99% biased. After learning much about the history of Africa, I became displeased of the West in the past.

I don't really like the idea of people influencing my impression towards others. It's difficult to only know about things without being emotionally affected by it.

And I'm pretty bad with names. Empires and places often have their names changed as time passes, and for some reason I can't connect the new name with the old name. What's more, I need a map to visualize locations. I can't just learn things with "XXX Empire was located between ABC Sea and DFG Sea, across the land of YYY". The description doesn't make much sense to me :S


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