Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orange Scallop

Okay, time for some scallops! I bougth frozen scallops a while ago. I wish I could have fresh scallops, but I guess frozen scallops were good enough.

thyme-seasoned pan-seared sea scallop, with triple sec (orange liquor) reduction, crispy bacon and cold mango slices

I was planning on using fresh oranges, but it turned out that the oranges were invaded by greenish-grey mold (probably Penicillium italicum- heh). I have half a bottle of triple sec left by my friend at my apartment after he cooked crepe suzette last time. I'm not a fan of liquor, and triple sec is sadly not my favorite either.

First, I fried the bacon to get the drippings. I used the drippings to cook the scallop. After the scallop turned a little bit brown, I added triple sec and thyme, and let it simmer. Meanwhile, I chopped the bacon and sliced the mango. I left the sliced mango in the fridge so they stay cold.

When the scallop was done, I took out the mango from the fridge, and started plating the dish. I sprinkled some sea salt to add the flavor, since I didn't use salt at all when I cooked the scallops. The dish had to be eaten quickly, or else the scallop would turn cold and the mango warm.

Overall, I'd say it's pretty good if only the triple sec didn't leave some bitterness in it. The hot and cold combination was a good idea :)


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