Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden's Death

I don't know how I should react.

I've been reading people's reactions and while they are somehow expected, the more I read the comments, the more I feel that those comments were overdone.

I don't really know about the history between Osama and USA, but according to what I read here:

it would seem that Osama noticed something wrong with the US intel system and decided that USA is evil. We, as normal citizens, might not be able to see some truths that might be hidden by the government.

And the funny part was that the one who taught Osama how to fight was USA itself.

In the end, what are we fighting for? What are we fighting against?

Are we even supposed to be rejoiced that he is dead now?

All I know is that we have to stop fighting.

A couple hours before I read the news on Osama's death, I was reading stuffs on World War I and II. The things I learned at secondary school was very limited and at the same time biased against the Allies. Be it the Axis or the Allies, they were all scary. It's full of death, betrayal, oppression... I wasn't even living in those era, but imagining the war itself made me feel really scared about wars.

In games and movies, they seemed cool. But no, in reality, wars are not cool at all.

My worst experience was during the 1997 riot in Jakarta. I lived on the outskirts so it was not that bad, but the rioters passed the back of our house. There were traces of blood everywhere, shops burned down, people screaming, looters roaming around... You're stuck in the house but at the same time, you're ready to escape.

Instead of using money to build up arms, isn't it better to use the money for people's welfare?


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