Monday, May 2, 2011


I keep blaming the weather for getting sleepy.

I get sleepy when it's raining and cloudy.
I also get sleepy when it's really cold outside (wrapping myself in blanket feels so awesome and warm and comfortable!!).

And today when the weather's really nice I just sat down on my bed and hours later I found myself waking up from a really long nap. Even though I have an exam tomorrow.

Speaking of Italian (it's my exam tomorrow), I suddenly feel like watching soccer because somehow Italians == soccer. They even play soccer for a festival (which I forgot what the name was - it appeared in my online homework). It's pretty cool.

And of course, I was very very very disappointed with the English team because I was really rooting for England but they got eliminated really quickly.

Pfft. Nice picture. Got it from Google.


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