Saturday, June 11, 2011


Took me months of stiff fingers, clicking select-all-copy-paste-register hundreds of times and calculating where each motion should fall on. Or maybe there's a better trick to it but I did it this way.

Will I do another MMD animation? I don't know. It takes me a really long time, and I don't really have any particular song that I want to deal with. Making MMD is fun - very fun to watch when everything is done, but it's really testing my patience.

And it takes my time away from sleep """OTL

As for now, I will have to focus on moving to another city. Or town. And then I have to fill in quite a lot of paperworks. And then adjust to a somewhat new life. And then go back making new songs. And bento boxes. And drawing. And I want to continue learning Italian.

Oh so much things I want to do, so little time!!


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