Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moved Out and Moved In

It's time to change my "Location" from IL to NJ.

It was a pretty tough 3-day drive carrying a lot of stuffs from my old apartment to the new apartment. Took about in total of 15 hours. I stopped at Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg before arriving at my new apartment. So that's like 5 states crossed.

I finally got internet connection after 3 days of living just to wake up every morning and unpack all my stuffs.

Moving to a new place is somehow exciting, yet lonely. I know no one here but my Mum. I bet it will get lonely for a while, at least before I get to know work and know the people there.

I start missing my old town, although I can't say I hate this new town. I mean, it's pretty safe and there are groceries and shops and hypermarts here and there. It's not so bad.

It's just that I'm away from people whom I've spent so much time trying to get along with. It's pretty vexing.

Things have gotten better. On the second day my mum discovered a dead mouse in the apartment; it's so disgusting. Argh. And the management was pretty slow and disorganized, unlike my old apartment.

And there's practically nothing in the room but the kitchen. I even had to go to the first floor for laundry, just like when I was living in the dorm. Again.

After I settled down now, I've started thinking on how I should move out of here again. It's gonna be a hassle. It's gonna be even more hassle knowing that I don't know where I'm gonna go next.

Lord please give me strength to go through these hassles. They're not disasters, but merely hassles. So I shouldn't really complain too much about it.

Alright, time to sleep and regain some strength.


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