Friday, June 24, 2011


Summer got kinda depressing ever since my grandpa and my (indirect) grandma passed away 2 days before my birthday about 8 years ago. At that time, I always felt depressed because no one would celebrate my birthday. Everyone was mourning. And then I would throw tantrum.

Ever since I graduated from college, birthday celebration doesn't sound so exciting anymore.

Technically it's my birthday now because I was born half an earth away from where I am now. Some people started to give me birthday wishes (because Facebook time follows your time wherever you are).

But somehow I... wasn't expecting people to give me wishes. I even forgot that it's my birthday today. I wasn't really waiting for it. My mum asked me what I want to eat on my birthday, and I said, "anything".

Anything, as if my birthday is just another regular day.

If she weren't here I wouldn't bother buying birthday cake at all. And you know what, I only bought 2 slices of cake for my birthday. Not even a full round cake. Cuz I hate sweet stuffs nowadays - I have no appetite eating cakes at all.

Oh well. I guess I should celebrate a little.

Happy birthday, me! My wish is to be wiser, kinder, and more understanding.

If today is your birthday too, happy birthday, and I hope you're enjoying your birthday wherever you are.



  1. Happy birthday Anin!

    Emang sih gw juga ngerasain hal yg sama kaya elo. as if birthday is no longer meaningful.

    But anyway, I wish you success in your career and may you always be as passionate as ever in whatever it is that you do. Keep writing, keep cooking, keep drawing, and keep sharing them cos I always enjoy reading them :)

    Happy birthday!


  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)


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