Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

It was my birthday about a week ago, and today it's America's birthday!

I saw fireworks nearby from my apartment. It must have been from the nearby high school, as advertised at my apartment's elevator. I didn't get to watch the entire scene because it was blocked by part of my apartment's building. At first I was surprised to hear some KA-BOOOM!! and felt some kind of vibration. I thought, was it a bomb? But the blasting sound and the vibration kept coming in series, and then I saw some flashing light outside my window.

Then I saw the fireworks :)

Kinda sad that I was watching it alone, but hopefully this lonesome feeling doesn't stay after I started working.

Some great news: I found hometown treasures in US!! Fresh jengkol and pete (not a person's name Pete... it's read puh-tay). Their smell is indescribably horrendous but I grew up eating them (my parents love them so I started eating them), so I like them.

I was getting bored didn't know what to do. Luckily I found them so I can start cooking again!!

Home made sambal terasi with sweetened soy sauce

Grilled shrimps and pete

Kari jengkol


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