Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I can't remember how to spell rijsttafel correctly. I always have to go Google it up. Being colonized for 300 years, it's not a big surprise that a lot of Indonesian vocabularies are influenced by the Dutch. But hey, actually rijsttafel originates from Indonesian culture!

Rijsttafel, or ristafel, as we Indonesians prefer to spell it, is basically dumping different kinds of dishes on a rice plate. I think it's kinda cool because you get a little bit of everything, unlike the supersize American dish where the salad is big enough to make you full that you can't eat anything else, unless you have a really elastic stomach that can fit a lot of food in there.

Turmeric fried chicken

Sauteed chayotte 

Nasi uduk

Everything dumped together and you get everything!

I love it when they wrap the rijsttafel with banana leaves. The rice will become really fragrant after it's been wrapped for at least a couple of hours.


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