Tuesday, July 12, 2011


1 week passed. I'm loving work so far. The cool thing is there's no more homework at home - once you're done with work, you're pretty much done for the rest of the day.

The next question: what do I do after I go back from work?

Answer #1: 
Becoming a freelance designer at home.
Without being paid, because I'm working for my brother's online company that recently just started up.

I'm doing photo editings and logo designing so far. Nothing very serious. Just like making an ad below:

and like this:

Nothing close to editing wedding photos kind of skills.

Answer #2:
Meditating. Or bluntly speaking, making castle in the air and without realizing it, it's already time to sleep.

Answer #3: 
Creating. Anything weird. Like songs, animations... and food. Sounds like cool but after reaching the saturation point, I'd normally feel like throwing my computer out of the window. Or my frying pans. Or my wooden spoons.

Henceforth, I gave up my original plan of studying a language (I half-assedly know Japanese and Italian).


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