Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some time ago I read this news on Flipbook that Blogger is launching a new interface and rumor says that Blogger will be renamed into Google Blog. I don't have anything against the name change. It's just that I've been so familiar with the term "Blogger" and now they're changing it. I guess that's how people feel when Sears Tower was changed to Willis Tower.

Work is fun so far. I'm learning new things every day, which is a really good thing.

Surprisingly, time passes so fast after I got back from work. I went back home, cook dinner, eat dinner, and then clean up the kitchen. And all of the sudden it's 9:30 PM. Whoa.

I tried making manju again. Still far from perfect, but I guess I'll just have to keep trying. 

The dough before filling in the mung bean paste into the dough

Home made mung bean paste. Mung bean boiled with some sugar, cooled down at room temperature and shaped into balls

When not used yet, keep the mung bean paste balls in a closed container. I used aluminum foil, just to make it easy for me. 

When the dough is ready, make the dough into round shape, flatten using fingers and then use it to wrap the mung bean paste balls.

My steamer is malfunctioning so I used a cooling rack and a fry pan to substitute a steamer. It works pretty well. Make sure to place cotton towel or kitchen towel dampen in cold water so the manju doesn't stick at the bottom.

Steamed for 10 minutes. I normally place them on a sheet of paper so they don't get dirty and they don't stick everywhere. Let cool at room temperature before decorating.

I used the back of a bamboo skewer and dip it into red food coloring. Poke the cooled down manju gently to draw.


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