Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Japan - Children's Day

Last Wednesday my language school organized a cultural session on Tango no Sekku. 端午の節句 (たんごのせっく - tango no sekku), also known as kodomo no hi or children's day, falls on 5 May. It's the time when one should hang koinobori and decorate one's house with strong looking figurines like Kintaro or Momotaro.

To be exact, it's actually Boys' Day because Girls' Day is on 3 March.

Strong looking figurines and ornaments

Black is the daddy koi fish

Red is the mommy koi fish, and the rest are their children :)

Shoubu flower. It has very fragrant leaves that are normally used in baths. For good luck and safe from illnesses.

The school principal, who is also our class' teacher on Wednesday, explained everything about Tango no Sekku.

Last but not least from the cultural event, FOOD. Yes, during Tango no Seki people eat kashiwa mochi (glutinous rice flour cake filled with either tsubuan - grainy red bean or koshian - smooth red bean, and then wrapped in kashiwa leaf).

It really goes well with tea :)

Well, happy boys' day, peeps! :)


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