Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Japan - Matsuri in Hatchobori

It's May, and it's time for festivals!

On the way home I saw a poster about festivals going on in Tokyo, promoted by The first festival that I could go was this one in Hatchobori, near Ginza. I don't really know how to spell the name of the festival. I can read all of the kanji but it doesn't sound right to me. Reitaisai? I don't know. But anyways, the name of the matsuri (festival) is 例大祭.

We departed from Ikebukuro at around 11:15, and by the time we reached Hatchobori station, we heard the drums and some commotions. Just the right timing; the procession has started.

People from different districts dressed up in uniforms to carry the small, portable shrine called omikoshi.

The people who carry the omikoshi ranged from old men, middle aged men, to women :)
They take turns when they're tired, but they keep the rhythm steady while shouting "DOSUKOI, DOSUKOI!"

There were about 6 omikoshi yesterday (5/4), and we followed the direction of the procession in order to find the Teppozujinja, the shrine that organized this event. And as we reached there, as I expected, we found food stands!

Cotton candy, 500 yen per pack

Yakisoba, 400 yen for medium size and 500 yen for large size

Shooting game. I wanted to play but seems that only kids played it LOL

Catch the floating balls game

With warmer weather and lots of fried food, shaved ice is a definite winner. Ranges from 300 to 500 yen depending on flavor. The ones flavored with alcoholic drinks like umeshu and sour costs 500 yen.

Before we left, we took a slight peek into the shrine. It wasn't a big shrine if compared to Meiji-jingu or those in Asakusa, but a lot of people could gather inside the shrine.

And that's it! Oh by the way today is Children's Day in Japan! :)


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