Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Japan - Field Trip Part 5: Around Kamakura Station

Sight seeing was over, time for lunch!

Basically, we had to stick to the group for lunch. There were 3 choices: Bowls, McDonald's, or Seizaria. I personally want to try Seizaria, but McDonald's is definitely out of question. Going as far as Japan to eat McD? Unless they have a very unique menu I have to try before I die, I will not buy anything from McD when I'm in Japan. I'm the adventurous type, so I have to eat what I cannot eat outside Japan no matter how strange it is. The stranger, the better.

Seizaria is basically a family restaurant chain that serves Italian food. I heard Seizaria is a pretty good place to eat, but hey, I'm in Kamakura and it will take 1.5 hours to go back here from my dorm. And I can find Seizaria close to where I'm currently staying.

So since Kamakura is famous for its seafood, I decided to go with Bowls. Bowls serve original donburi. The one I ordered was shiraru donburi, which is basically rice topped with wakame (curly seaweed) and shirasu, a type of tiny white fish.

I grew up eating this kind of fish and I don't particularly mind fish eyes staring at me. It was very delicious, and I was glad I chose this menu. It's a little bit pricey. Mine was small size bowl, and it costs 880 yen. But it's really worth the money. If you have the chance, by any means please try it!

Close to the station was a Ghibli shop. As I'm typing this I'm surprised that the word 'Ghibli' doesn't get any red underlines LOL. Nicely decorated. It's probably a little easy to miss because it doesn't really stand out, but if you see a reddish Totoro sign then you've come to the right place.

They sell a wide variety of goods.

This is a little scary for a piggy bank LOL. As if your money won't be back once you put it in!

Well, time to move on. Ready to board the train :)


  1. Anin, di Singapore juga ada Saizeriya, tapi ga tau sama engga. logonya sih sama. hhehehe not bad sih yang di sini, dan very affordable juga :D



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