Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Japan - Field Trip Part 4: Tsurukagaoka Hachimangu (Kamakura)

Next on the list: Tsurukagaoka Hachimangu. Still in Kamakura.

There was a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony when we visited the shrine :) Lucky!

It's not the type of sakura I normally see around my dorm, but it's very pink and beautiful!

A lot of doves here.

We saw a weird ema advertising a website. NO NAME LOL

On the way to the main shrine, there were quite a number of candy stalls. One of them is ichigo-ume or strawberry candy.

There's also budou-ume (grape candy). I bought the grape one because it's more rare than strawberry candy (at least to me it is).

As we walked closer to the shrine, we saw an on-going wedding ceremony.

The 'hachi' Hachinmangu temple's writing (the first letter from the top) is actually a pair of doves. So that's probably why we saw a lot of doves earlier :)

Last food explored: ginnan (ginko nuts)

It's the first time I've had ginko nuts that were roasted. I often find ginko seeds stir fried with vegetables in Chinese cuisine (my mum used to love to put tons of ginko because there is a believe that ginko nuts have positive effects on your brain, such as memory improvement). Well, the roasted ginko nuts had weird taste. It's lightly salted, it smells a little like roasted corn (maybe they have similar starch/protein constitution that gives the same aroma when heated?), tasted a little bitter, shaped like jelly beans, but soft on the inside like baked potato. Honestly, I don't really like it. Maybe it's an acquired taste.

Speaking of ginko, the saddest thing about this visit is that the majestic 1000 years old ginko tree that people used to adore as a symbol of longevity and liveliness fell down in 2010 due to strong winds.



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