Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Japan - Cat Cafe

It's a little sad that I'm the only one who is taking a morning class from my group. Yesterday I texted one of them to ask if they have plans for dinner, and she simply said that everyone's grabbing something from school area. Makes a lot of sense; I would do that if I were in the afternoon class as well. But you see, I AM bored. I can't waste the beautiful afternoon just sitting in my room waiting for a response from them like last time only to find out that they're not planning to go anywhere but anywhere close to the school. It doesn't make sense for me to pay for another round trip just to eat together at some shop then go back.

So, I decided to have an adventure, even if I'm alone. The next on my to-go list is a cat cafe called Nekorobi in East Ikebukuro.

The cats have been properly groomed, and before you touch them the shop keepers will ask you to wash your hands so you to avoid the cats from being infected from germs outside.

All drinks (warm and cold, ranging from milk tea, coffee, houjicha, to juice) and snacks (senbei, candy...) are unlimited during the stay in the cafe. The rate in this cafe is 1000 yen for 1 hour, and if I'm not wrong extension is 250 yen per 15 minutes. They will give you a name tag and you can put your stuffs in a locker so you can play around freely.

Your shoes must be placed outside the room, and they will give you room slippers to use. Also, no flash photography because the cats will get scared.

Well, look at them, pet them, hug them, take photos of them... you can do anything you want! You can interact with other guests (depending on how open you and the other guests are) and chat. When I went there, pretty much almost everyone played with the kittens. There was one who was sleeping, there was one reading a book quietly. I think as long as you respect everyone in the cafe, you are free to do whatever you want.

Well, cat pictures, off you go! Enjoy! :)


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