Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Japan - Cellphone & Fruits

Very totally unrelated topic, but that's what today's adventure was about. 

Yesterday our senpai showed the way to the ward office (外国人登録 ― がいこくじんとうろく)to get a foreign ID. I need it to buy prepaid phones. The regulation changed on January 1st 2012; you can't buy prepaid cellphone without a proper identification because these prepaid cellphones have been misused by ore ore sagi (people who call random people and claim to be their relatives in urgent need of money because of accident or whatsoever).

So I went after school to Harajuku to get one, but they ran out of phone. The lady recommended me to go to Shibuya, particularly the one next to Uniqlo, to get one. I walked there (it was a pretty long walk but it wasn't so bad), and thank goodness I found one. There are only two types of prepaid phones sold, one is touch screen windows phone with no English menu support, and the other one is like this:

Softbank Prepaid Mobile

It's pretty easy to use and it's light. It has 2 mega pixel camera at the back. In total everything costs 9000 yen, 3000 for the prepaid card (so at the beginning I will have 3000 yen to use), the rest is for the phone and the charger. The funny part about this is that the charger is being sold separately. Which is good, I suppose, if you already have a similar-type charger. Your phone will be cheaper and you don't have to stack so many phone chargers at home.

I went home around 4:30 PM and took a nap, and then decided to go to the new supermarket close to my apartment because they are having sales. One of the stuffs that interest me was the fruits. They look so gorgeous and sexy. Also, there are fruits that I have not seen before, so I decided to buy some.

This one is called biwa:

It's very sweet and succulent. The texture is close to a plum. 3 for 250 yen. You can get a bowl of gyudon (beef bowl) for the same price. LOL.

Next: strawberries. Not that I haven't seen or eaten strawberries, but they tend to differ by taste and texture from one country to another. In the US, strawberries tend to be large, sweet and watery. In Indonesia, they are really tiny and sour. So, in Japan they are...

Tiny but sweet and sexy. Very delicious!


  1. Anin, emang bener buahnya mahal yah even di jepangnya? cold storage deket rumah gw ada 1 section buah jepang semua (yang tentunya mahal banget) tapi keliatannya enak banget! hahaha


  2. Iya, mahal banget, tapi enak banget hehe... xD


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