Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Japan - Blood Donation

Two days ago on my way back home I saw a blood donation event going on at the high school I always pass every day. It's very noticeable because there was this very cute mascot standing in front of the school!

I checked in and told them that I'm a foreigner. I was told to read a question sheet (I can't remember all of them but if you say 'no' to any of the question then you probably can't donate). I filled in a form (the usual name, address, phone number...). Well, I passed that stage, and waited for about 15 minutes until I was told to read another informative sheet that tells you if you can donate your blood or not.

On the very first bullet, it states that if I haven't been in Japan for 4 weeks, I'm not allowed to donate.

Well, there goes my chance.

But anyways, they're so nice. While I was waiting they gave me a heat pack and a pack of electrolyte drink. When I told the people at the registration counter that I can't donate, they gave me a donut.

And while I was waiting, I spoke to a university student and when I told her that I'm a foreigner (to be exact, I told her I came from the US; not really a lie) she started to try speaking English at times. I had a good time!

Well, that's a good experience. I wouldn't call that wasting my time. It's good to let things flow on its own instead of forcing everything to go according to plan :)


  1. I am waiting to donate my blood right now. :)

  2. That's great! It always makes me feel good to think that my blood could someday save someone's life :)


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