Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Japan - Meiji Jingu

I've been to Meiji Jingu once, and that was actually last year during Thanksgiving break. Although I forgot where it actually was, once I saw Meiji Jingu Mae station on the subway map (means In Front of Meiji Jingu), I knew I couldn't be wrong. You can take the JR Line as well to Harajuku, but there was no JR Line near where I was, so I had to take Metro subway.

The front entrance didn't change much since my last visit: a gate and tall, majestic trees.

There wasn't a lot of people at the shrine probably because of hanami. Yoyogi Park, by the time I left for Meiji Jingu around noon, was almost fully packed.

Wash hands and mouth before entering the shrine.

Just as I entered the shrine, I was lucky enough that a wedding ceremony procession was about to start!

Aside from the pretty bride, I noticed someone who dressed up pretty outstandingly. In a good way.

The procession goes on..

And after that they entered a room where no one but the participating members was allowed. That was actually the last photo I took.

Before I left, I tried to take some omigokoro. It's not really a fortune telling paper. The inside has a poem that suits your situation. I haven't fully understood the poem I got, but even if I do I probably shouldn't post it. 

Alright, next post: Shinjuku Gyouen. Tomorrow. Well, I'm pretty tired from the nonstop trip from 8:30 AM until 6:30 PM. Let me rest, and I'll definitely continue tomorrow. With more stories as well :)


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