Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Japan - Trash Management

Combustible vs. Non-combustible. Very easy to understand, right?

Well, not if you're not familiar with what is combustible and what is not combustible. And according to my senpai, different area have different definition of what is combustible and what is not combustible.

Aside from separating those trash, there are also special bins for cans and separate bins for PET bottles. And, there is also a separate bin for used paper. Yup.

That's it? No. There is also a separate bin for 生ゴミ(nama gomi), or if you translate it, food scraps.

So how many trash bins do you have to have in your room? Well, I have none. I'm on a short term study here so buying more than 3 trash bins is a little wasteful. Instead, I have different plastic bags for trash. The good thing about living in my dorm is that I don't really have to care when to take the trash out, because apparently there is a special day to take out a particular type of trash and if you take out the wrong trash, you will be in trouble.


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