Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Japan - Finding Cheap(er) Food

Rumours say that everything in Japan is so expensive. And that is true, even for food.

Lucky enough, I'm staying in an area close to an escalator school (primary school, middle school, high school, and university levels). Which means... there are going to be cheap food around!

Average "normal" food costs around 500-800 yen. It can go higher (I've seen omurice for over 1000 yen in Harajuku shopping district), and it can go lower. Here's an example:

Hotto Motto Ume Bento
430 yen

Hotto Motto is a chain restaurant for bento boxes. They're delicious and you can reheat them in microwave if they get cold. They also sell soup in cups for 100 yen. Well, these bento boxes can be considered 'Japanese style fast food' because they don't cook them on the spot. But when money is tight and you want something quick and decent, these meals are definitely an excellent option.

My school, located in Shinjuku, is actually a little further away from the famous shopping district (where ISETAN and other big department stores are located). To be exact, it is actually very close to Shinjuku Gyouen (the national garden where I did my hanami in the previous post). The prices of the food is about the same as those around my dorm, if not slightly higher.

There was a soba-ya (buckwheat noodle shop) around the school. It was recommended by the school staff. I was ready to get a soba, but when I look at the wax display, oyako-don looks so shiny and sparkly... better than Edward Cullen (I'm sorry, that's kind of my new trademark phrase when describing something shiny and sparkly).

The one I ordered was a half-size oyako-don. It's a good size for me, and probably for females in general.

Han Oyako Don
530 yen

There was a Hawaiian restaurant in Ikebukuro station at C3 exit. There was a huge poster of Locomoco, and I was really curious what it was. I feel kind of wrong eating Hawaiian food in Japan because... well, it's Japan, not Hawaii. But I've heard Locomoco mentioned a number of times in variety shows,  drama, and anime, so I'm really curious. When I was heading back to dorm with my senpai and two other friends, I mentioned this restaurant, and my senpai said she loves the pancake there. It took us just a few seconds to decide on having dinner there :D

Around 630 yen, not too expensive for a restaurant with good ambience and good location


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