Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Japan - Field Trip Part 3: Hokokuji (Kamakura)

Alright, back with the field trip story last weekend! On the second day, we left the ryokan and then first we visited 報國寺 (Hokokuji - a temple's name, basically). 

But I guess one attraction that you cannot miss here is the bamboo forest.

These bamboos are called Mousou bamboo, and they are the biggest species of bamboo. I forgot about the average heights of the bamboo; if I'm not mistaken my teacher told me it was around 40 m. Well, either 40, or 20. Either or, the bamboos are VERY TALL.

There are a lot of 竹の子 (takenoko - bamboo shoots) on the ground too :)

There's also a cave called Yagura, which is the tombs of the Ashikaga family.

We didn't spend a lot of time here because we still had to visit Tsurukagaoka Hachimangu, Hasadera and Daibutsu. And those are going to be in my next few posts!


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