Monday, April 22, 2013

France - Foie Gras

Just for an additional information to all readers before I start: I understand the controversies behind foie gras, and I don't eat this every day. I am simply a naturally curious person, and I have to say I agree with this view. As far as I'd like to understand the viewpoints of many, I'd like to ask that you understand and respect my decision to eat foie gras.

Well then, let's get to the topic. When I arrived in Paris and checked out the supermarket, I was surprised to see so many foie gras products ranging from 30% mixed with duck meat to whole foie gras. I got this frozen foie gras for about 7 euros.

You can find foie gras in many forms: sauces, terrine (some kind of paste), mousse, and of course, the escalopes (cutlets). For more information about the forms, check the Wikipedia. This one is in cutlets, and it's supposed to be served warm.

Well then, onwards to the serious business: the calories. Foie gras means "fatty liver", and by that name, you should know that foie gras is one of the most unhealthy thing in the world. Well, see the nutrition label for yourself. If you haven't tried foie gras before and want to try it, it's best that you don't read the label.

I'm happy that there are English instructions at the back of the packaging, by the way. It's rare to see English written on any food packaging in the supermarket :P

These look tiny, but they're actually quite big.

I heated them at the oven as the instruction said. Seems like I overheated the foie gras because some of the fats have melted.

I had the foie gras with rice, salt, black pepper and chives. Ah yes, although the packaging says this is 4 servings, I finished these mostly on my own. Well, I shared some bites with my roommate, but I ate most of them. Actually, it's so hard to even finish 2 blocks of these because it's very fatty and flavourful. Fatty foods make you feel full fast. By the third block, I started feeling bad with so much grease in my mouth (nevertheless they still taste really good).

Although I really really really love the taste. It's really unimaginable.

But I think I'd love to have this occasionally; if I keep having foie gras every day, I would not be able to stand it and might end up hating it.


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