Tuesday, April 9, 2013

France - Saint Chapelle

It's been 2 weeks since the last time I posted something. Life in Paris is indeed really busy. Aside from the heavy workload at school, we are also a little bit pressurized to travel within our limited stay in Paris. 

There were so many stories to tell, especially when I experienced my first Palm Sunday and Easter week in Notre Dame du Paris. 

A week before Palm Sunday, I took off on a random journey on my own, not knowing where I was heading. I took the train and stopped at Notre Dame. From then onwards, I was on my feet. I went into places that not a lot of people go to. They are somewhat still considered as tourist attractions, but I think if you look at their ranks on travel tips websites, these probably fall outside the top 10 most-visited places.

One of the places I explored was Saint Chapelle.

Compared to Notre Dame du Paris, this church is probably smaller. The distinctive feature of this church was the dark / black tower. The sculptures are not as detailed as those in Notre Dame du Paris, but I don't think they are not beautiful. 

However, the interior of this church is completely the opposite of the plain, clam exterior.

Saint Chapelle has the brightest, most intensely colorful interior I've ever seen in my life. It's grandiose, lively, vibrant and most definitely charming.

The second floor of the church was filled with very detailed stained glass windows, each representing a different saint.

I feel very small when I was in this church. When I arrived at the second floor, I was amazed by the altar's decorations. Oh, and there is no mass held in this church.

But then I turned around to see people looking upwards at another direction with wonders. What did they see? I was curious, and...

just across the altar lies a unique stained glass, with few missing glasses off the design. This particular stained glass is called the Rose of Apocalypse. Each petal, according to the pamphlet, tells a verse about the apocalypse, as written on the Bible. The story of Apocalypse has never made me feel good; the more I read the details of the story of what each petal tells, the more I feel depressed and for a moment I thought my blood started to flow backwards.

But it is a beautiful church indeed!


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