Monday, April 22, 2013

France - Shakespeare and Co.

France is known for her unwillingness to speak English. As a proof, in most food labels you can find Dutch or German translations of the ingredients list, but none in English. This fact made the first few weeks of my stay in France difficult - it's hard to ask for directions when I was lost (and even buying train tickets from the counter). 

Surprisingly, just across Notre Dame du Paris lies a bookshop called Shakespeare and Co., and as the name suggests, it sells English books.

Actually, I am not supposed to take pictures here because it will disturb the readers. Oh yes, this place is not just a normal bookshop. On the second floor, you can read the books that you bought in special corners, and when I came there, there seems to be a place where you can share and discuss what you read.

The decoration on the second floor is classic. There's a tiny room with a typewriter, with notes stuck on the wall by visitors all around the world. There's also a corner for telling children storybook.

I think the prices of the books are okay; not so cheap, not so expensive. More than anything, if you miss reading English books, this is the place to go. It's not a very big shop, but I like the overall ambience there: almost every visitors there love books - to be read, or to be placed on the bookshelf to boast.


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