Thursday, June 6, 2013

Italy - Caldaro (Kaltern)

Continuing the story about my short Italy trip. My friend lives in Caldaro, or Kaltern in German. Caldaro is very close to Germany, and even though it is in Italy, the common tongue in this area is German. The road signs are always bilingual, but the German version of the name of a place is always written above the Italian version. Nevertheless, the locals can speak Italian because it is compulsory to learn Italian in school.

The second day after we arrived in Caldaro, the four of us went for hiking.

I must admit that the last time I hiked was in Junior College, and that is... about 6 years ago. It was quite a challenge for me because I was afraid of steep slopes, and I always took my time to secure my footing before proceeding.

I learned quite a lot during the hike. My Italian friend showed us a type of edible leaf in the forest. 

I was a little skeptical, but was also looking forward to it. I was surprised by its taste: it was I am eating spinach salad with citrus. Very fresh and delicious! :)

During the hike we also saw a lot of chestnuts on the floor. It was my first time seeing a whole chestnut, still with the spiky outer layer.

The scenery was beautiful, and everything went fine until we were lost somewhere in the forest. We kept going downhill but at one point we had to climb down a series of rapids. I honestly think it was fun, and I trusted my friends who are somewhat experts in hiking.

After about 2 hours being lost, we finally found our way out. Lake Caldaro was waiting for us! :)

We sat by the lake and dipped our feet into the cold lake water.

It was a fun trip :D


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