Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Norway - Oslo Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park is one of the top travel destination in Oslo according to Tripadvisor and the tourist centre in Oslo. It is a little far from the city centre: about 45 minutes on foot. The walk from the city centre to Vigeland Park is also a little bit against the gravity, but it also means that going back to the city centre will be a breeze. Anyways, it's a free attraction (very good for students like me haha!).

Vigeland Park hosts 192 statues of naked human beings in various poses and expressions. 

The park itself is green and beautiful, although there were not that many flowers in the park (I love flowers). There were quite a number of people sitting down on the grass, either sunbathing or having a barbecue on disposable aluminum trays.

By the way, the rental bikes in Oslo are somewhat unique: the front wheel is smaller than the back wheel. I'm not sure why, though.

At first, when I thought of a park with statues, I thought, "meh, let's check it out since it's free and just skim through this park kind of quick" but I think I ended up enjoying these statues too much! :)

The statues are imbued with interesting details of expressions. I am not a sculpture expert and I'm not too gifted in terms of judging the aesthetical value of an object, but I like what I like and that itself is how I judge artworks. After all, I still don't get why Mona Lisa is THAT famous.

Anyways, this is the famous statue of an Angry Boy:

It's an interesting statue. You can feel the emotions of the boy: his frustration, anger, dissatisfaction... and I think even if there was no title on this statue, I would name it the "Angry Boy". I like arts that are understandable at my level.

Here are the highlights of interesting statues I found in the park:

Ah, and here comes the real highlight of the park.

I don't know how to describe the whole scenery I saw with my eyes. Flabbergasted? Astounded? It is a mixture of some kind of admiration and unsettlement. It's just... how on earth can someone design something like this? A tall pillar of human bodies piling up... just thinking of it made me feel disturbed. And yet, when I saw the pillar, I kept racking my brain, thinking of different possibilities how this pillar was made.

Surrounding that pillar seemed to be statues portraying familiar relationships. 

I love how children can do whatever they like to suit their imaginations.

If I were to do the same, I would have been labeled as a weirdo and someone would probably try to get me down just because I might destroy the sculpture. Nevertheless, I think this piece is pretty thought-provoking.

A little walk further is the end of the park, where (I believe) the Circle of Life is located.

If I ever come back to Oslo and have some spare time, I would love to visit the Vigeland Museum.

I'm glad we came at the perfect day to enjoy another aspect of Oslo :)


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