Monday, June 17, 2013

Norway - Overview of Oslo

I took the opportunity to travel to Norway because we have a "squeezed" holiday: last Thursday was the Swedish flag day and no one wanted to work on Friday. The good thing about scheduling your own lab work is the fact that you can take a day off at any time.

It was a really long trip. We took Nettbus from Malmö (Sweden) to Oslo (Norway). It was a 7.5 hour ride. For me, the bus seat was pretty comfortable since I felt I had plenty of leg room, but my Argentinian friend commented otherwise because apparently in Argentina they have long-haul buses with seats that can be lowered up to 180 degrees. And they even serve food and wine (included in the bus ticket) on the bus. It's similar to the service you get on a long-haul flight. 

Around 6:30 AM, we arrived in the bus terminal in Oslo. We stored some of our belongings in the locker at the bus terminal (50 NOK for 24 hours) and then had a light breakfast at a cafe on the first floor.

I took tons of picture in Oslo, and I think it would be better to separate each attractions into a separate post. Anyways, here's the highlight of our journey in Oslo:

Den Norske Opera & Ballet, or the Oslo Opera House:

The Akerhus Slott og Festning (castle and fortress):

Oslo City Hall (Radhus):

The Parliament:

Souvenir hunting:

Hard Rock Cafe:

The Cathedral (Domkirke)

And some random sight seeing around the City:

A statue of a boy in white boxers (I think this is more unique than a statue of a naked boy haha):

A little bit of the nature:

And take a look at these heart-shaped flowers! :D

And last but not least, the Vigeland Park, filled with mesmerizing results of human anatomy study in the form of statues:

Details will be posted in the next few posts :)


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