Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Norway - Oslo Opera House

When my friend who studied architecture learned that I was in Oslo, she strongly recommended me to visit the Opera House. Den Norske Opera & Ballet, or also known as the Oslo Opera House, is located just the south of the train station, about less than 5 minutes on foot.

First you have to cross the bridge towards the Opera House because it is located somewhat across the water.

The Opera House had such a beautiful slanted structure, giving off a very modern feeling. We didn't watch any show when we were there, but the building is publicly accessible. We walked around the building to reach the top, and the view was just splendid!

From across the water, the Opera House looks like a tiny island with sharp blocks of concrete and glass.

The interior design of this building was as splendid as its exterior. It was a brilliant play on texture, shape, slants and twists.

We could not go inside the theatre because there was an on-going performance, but even then I had so much fun looking around the structures in awe.

Close to 10 PM, the sky was somehow still bright because summer has begun and the Opera House was even more gorgeous with more prominent accent.

It is truly a marvelous product of modern architecture :)


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