Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bananana Bento

Left compartment:
- microwave steamed mixed veggies (corn, green bean, carrot, peas)
- tomato mushroom fried rice
- fresh cherry tomato
- sauteed bay scallops

Right compartment:
- omu rice (1 egg, tomato mushroom fried rice inside)
- microwave steamed broccoli
- sauteed mushroom
- fresh cherry tomato
- microwaved meatballs x2

Now, you might wonder why I often microwave-steam the veggies. The reason is simple: it's easy, fast, and gives you bright colors. For broccoli, you just have to cut them into pieces and put them into a microwavable bowl. Add probably about 1-2 tablespoon water. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap, and don't forget to poke several holes on the cling wrap so the steam can escape. Otherwise you might hear a tiny "boom" from your microwave... maybe. Haha. Anyways, steam it for about 40-60 seconds on high power (I like them soft, so I always cook it for 50-60 seconds depending on how much broccoli I cook)

The same goes with corn, green peas, carrots and green beans. 40 seconds is a good time to start, and if you like softer texture, go ahead and heat them in the microwave again for another 10-20 seconds. Remember, it's easier to cook again than to have the vegetables overcooked.



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