Thursday, April 22, 2010

High Carb, High Sugar...?

Monday night, and I was stressed. So I did my normal daily ritual to ward it off: make a bento.

I haven't been going for groceries for weeks, so I don't really have that many ingredients left in the fridge. And I'm a little bored of using ham and bacon.

Left: frankfurters, garlic fried rice, crab stick, english cucumber, green onion
Right: sliced baumkuchen, nastar, fortune cookie, orange gummy, milk candy

I tried a new "technique" of making a frankfurter look like flowers. It's pretty successful, I'd say. And it's unexpectedly easy to make :)

But a friend of mine complained told me that this bento is filled with carb and sugar only. Sigh. That's true. I wish my bento boxes are a little bit bigger so I can put in more stuffs.


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