Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cinnamon Roll Bento

My friend kinda requested for a Hello Kitty or Cinnamon Roll bento. I didn't really have enough time, and she said Cinnamon Roll would be easier. So... here we go, Cinnamon Roll bento!

They're really basic. The ingredients are:
- rice
- nori
- ham (for the blush and the bento box lining)
- meatballs
- frozen mixed vegetables (the corn, carrot, green bean and green peas come in one package, so I had to separate them one by one)
- cherry tomatoes

If you notice, I kinda run out of my creativity. I've been using the same ingredients over and over again. There are plenty of reasons to that, but the main reason is that I'm a college student who lives in a single apartment. That just means that I can't buy a wide arrange of food ingredients. They'll go bad before I can finish them. Take a cucumber for example. It's going to take more than 1 week for me to fully utilize a cucumber assuming that I'm not eating cucumber every day. Before I could finish it, they'd go bad :(

And I don't have a roommate to share the food with. So I'm the only one who finishes whatever I made.

I don't really wish that I have a roommate/housemate, though. She'll go crazy with my randomness to cook at any time of the day at any kind of situation. I'll occupy the entire kitchen just for myself. And I bet she won't be able to stand the smell coming out from the kitchen every day haha!

By the way, it rained again today. Pretty heavily. Spring is here. Or has been here for quite some time, actually.

I'm not looking forward to summer. I hate heat :(


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