Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feastful Weekend

I wouldn't have realized it if my friend didn't tell me. Aside from this blog, I also posted my food photos on Facebook, and she told me that I posted 5 different food photos this weekend. Quite a lot for a college student, I guess?

This is called lontong sayur. It's an Indonesian dish my mum used to make for breakfast. I'm not particularly into lontong (= rice cake). I don't like the texture =(

The reason why I started making lontong out of the blue was because somehow I missed my mum. Actually, I miss someone cooking for me. And anyways I have some spare semolina rice from my research. I don't really like semolina, so I figure that I should somehow process it in a different way before I can eat it. Spanish rice is an option, but I decided to make lontong.

As expected, I didn't eat that many pieces of lontong even though I made two big chunks of it (it's a waste of gas if I only make a tiny portion). In the end I distributed them to my friends here, and I ate the curry I made with rice, my favorite carb!

It's pretty easy to make lontong. You just need a heat-resistant plastic bag, fill in the bag with 1/3-1/2 uncooked rice, poke some holes (so that water can enter the bag), tie the bag (you can just make a knot or use rubber bands), and boil with plenty of water for about 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours.


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