Saturday, April 3, 2010


Finally! It's an idea that has been running in my mind for quite some time, and finally I've been able to make it! I've been experiencing a "bento block" (it's my own term; similar to a "writer's block", but it just means that I have no idea what to create).

You see, I like to create things from scratch. Like... total scratch. I don't normally follow recipes, so what I create sometimes are haphazardous.

This time, I created something really really good :D

FF XIII bento

Lightning, Hope and Snow. And you know what? Snow looked weird here because I totally forgot that he has hairs! Hahaha oh well at least Lightning looks good and Hope (even though he now has a yellow hair) is not so bad.

My original idea was Lightning, Hope and Fang (my main team in FF XIII), but I figured that Fang would be a little hard to make, with her wavy hair.

I was having troubles creating silver hair. I don't want to totally depend on food coloring. I tried it with egg white, but it didn't work out. So I replaced it with cheddar cheese.

Well, the faces aren't the only ones I'm proud of. I created a new dish, and it's good!

Pan fried bacon-wrapped shrimps, fishballs, fish cake, cherry tomatoes, orzo pasta salad

I got the orzo pasta salad recipe from my friend, but I created the pan fried bacon-wrapped shrimps. Wait, that's just... normal, isn't it? That's because it's not dipped in the avocado lime dip :)

Avocado Lime dip

Basically it's just Avocado with fresh lime juice, salt and black pepper. That's about 1 avocado per 1 fresh lime. Seasonings is yours to determine. I don't like to make it too salty since the bacon is already salty. Make sure it's cold when you eat the bacon-wrapped shrimps. It adds some freshness into the oily, greasy, sinful yet yummy bacon-shrimp.



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