Thursday, September 16, 2010

Food for the Sick

My mum hates porridge because it's a food for the sick (i.e., when you're sick, you can only eat porridge because either you have difficulty swallowing or you can't digest properly). I've been sick pretty badly since yesterday. I've taken both cough and cold medicines, took a 2 hour nap (and almost forgotten to thank my scholarship sponsor at 6 pm!!), rested my body well... but my condition was still very bad in the morning. I almost collapsed in my 9 am class to the point that I had to take a bus home and slept for another hour before I went back to school to meet my professor to discuss about my group project on milk replacements.

Long story short, I took the GRE today with high fever. I was so nervous that I forgot I had brought my sweatshirt in my bag. Sitting down continuously for 3 hours was seriously a bad idea. I was trembling in cold as I squeezed out my overheated brain.

I actually did better than the mock exams I did at home! Not to mention I was half dead. God must be so gracious today that such miracles could happen!


I made a light soup for myself: tofu, earwood mushroom, carrots and pork soup. Yum.


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