Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gum paste!

As you all know, I have very very little experience with sweet foods, especially cakes and pies. The sweetness just... kills me. I guess I have very great sensitivity to sugar, but even then, I think US cakes are just over-sweetened.

The point is... I didn't know what fondant and gum paste were until some time early this semester. I didn't even know of the differences. All I know is that it's all sugar and ingredients that can kill a person with diabetes.

Cloud Strife's (FF7) head...?

I used yellow coloring for the hair, and orange for the face. That was my first time dealing with gel food coloring. I was surprised that I could get just the right amount of coloring for both the hair and the face. For the hair, all it took was one very quick dip into a drop of yellow gel, and for the face, it took one dot of orange using a toothpick.

Massage the gum paste with fingers greased with vegetable oil until the gum paste became smooth.

The trick is to handle everything very quickly. Once the gum paste goes dry, it will become very brittle and that's when things just go wrong.

For the hair, I rolled the gum paste to three sets of  sheet with 2mm thickness. And then I cut each sheet into oval shapes using a plastic knife. Once done, stack the three sheets on top of one another and align the hair based on your instinct (LOL).


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