Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ireland - Knorr Cream of Forest Mushroom soup powder

I worked for a condensed soup company before, although I was working under its beverage development department. I remember telling my colleagues once that I used to drink instant powdered cream soup back when I was in Singapore. 

Yes, to me in those days, cream soup was a luxury item. I lived for 6 years in a dorm without a stove; we had a microwave, hot water and cold water fountain instead. Something that can be done by mixing hot water into the powder? That was perfect.

I studied food processing and I can say I'm above average in terms of cooking skill. I know how to make cream soup from scratch, but the memory of having instant powdered soup is etched in my mind, and in my heart. Once again, I want to taste it.

Somehow I forgot to take the front picture of the packaging. I swore I did. But anyways, this is the fancier version of instant cream of mushroom soup because this one is "with spring onion and a hit of balsamic", and comes chunks of dried mushrooms. I got it from TESCO.

Unlike the usual instant powdered soup I had in the past, this one requires me to cook it on the stove for 5 minutes.

The taste was wonderful; I felt like I was brought back to my life in early 2002-2003. I can't believe 10 years had passed since then. The rehydrated mushrooms had excellent texture, and the variation in mushroom sizes was just perfect. I'm currently having a cold and my blocked nose probably reduced my ability to smell to roughly 30% of the usual state (and thus my ability to perceive flavor, I suppose) but this one still tasted great :)

My head has been pounding non-stop, and I have been confining myself in the room because I will infect everyone in the house if I stay in the living room for too long. And with the cold weather outside, I didn't feel like going out at all. I hope I will feel better tomorrow morning because my friends and I will be heading to the Cliff of Moher (our first trip in Ireland!).

And that means more photos, and more things to share on my blog!


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